John Sea Foods has developed since its beginnings in 2011 to become a leading Sri Lankan exporter of fish and seafood. Initially specialized in Fresh Tuna, we now offer a complete range of fish, fresh and frozen, from all over the globe to our customers, and well taken care of by our highly qualified staff in seafood industry. After more than 5 years we are still constantly working to improve our products and processes ensure producing the high quality seafood to the customers.


Over the 5 years, since the founding of our company in 2011, we have developed our product range to cover all types of fresh, and frozen fish.


Fresh Tuna is a very exclusive delicacy, and a product our customers hold in high esteem.

Our Tuna is sourced from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The yellow fin tuna caught there is of an especially high quality, Hand Line,Pole Line long-line fished, without by-catch and thus environmentally friendly. Depending on customer requirements, we offer whole tuna and various cuts thereof and quality grades.

Swordfish is another popular fish, enjoyed worldwide and available all year round. With its firm texture and light coloured flesh, it is especially delicious when barbecued.

We have several other exotic species of fish on offer; not only do these catch your eye, they are also quite delicious! We offer exceptional types of exotic fish, such as Red Snapper, Red Grouper, Brown Grouper, Baramundi, Parrot &Mahi Mahi, to name but a few.

Our exotic fish range is available also in fillet form and can be delivered promptly and with care to its final destination


We believe that the highest economic benefit to us and to our customers comes when we are working with high quality seafood products. Therefore, our ultimate goal, and one we stake our name and reputation on, is to offer the best quality seafood available.

Our extensive history in the seafood business has allowed us to establish long-term relationships with the most reliable seafood suppliers throughout the world. We have regular and direct contact with all our suppliers and have worked with them to establish quality standards to meet our customers’ specifications.

Our experienced in-house quality control team is responsible for implementing our strict product specifications and quality guidelines throughout the plant. The QC team also conducts thorough inspections on all incoming products, prior to releasing them for production. Likewise, outgoing orders receive quality audits to ensure accuracy and overall quality. We operate in accordance with established HACCP protocols and have invested heavily in our plants to ensure food safety and quality


Due to the ever increasing demand for fish, we are daily reminded of the responsibility we carry as an exporter. In order to ensure the supply of fish for future generations, we are committed to supporting responsible sourcing and handling of fish at all stages, from catch to plate.

We select solely business partners, who share the same values, thus guaranteeing protection of our oceans and sustainability of fish. Continual assessment of our company takes place by selected institutions who certify the commitment and responsibility we carry for future generations.

These include Friend of the Sea, Dolphin Safe & FDA


John Sea Foods believes in demonstrating our commitment to all our stakeholders including the communities and environment in which our businesses operate. A minimum of 1% of our annual profit is allocated to social responsibility initiatives in keeping with our CSR Vision of Empowering the Country for Future.


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We at John Sea Foods (Pvt)Ltd strive to be recognized as a processing of best quality fresh tuna bullets, loins, steaks, saku, cubes and sword fish bullet, loin, steaks and reef fish whole, fillets and also processing of best quality frozen tuna, sword fish, reef fish loins, steaks, saku and cubes.

We also strongly believes that food safety can be assured through the combined effort of all parties participating in the food chain.

Strong management commitment is shown through the provision of required infrastructure facilities, equipment and human resources with proper training.

Food Safety Management System is implemented with the support of appropriate documentation and records.

All identified hazard are controlled through the implementation of hygiene control operations and HACCP plans and products meet the authenticity by conforming to statutory and regulatory requirements & with mutually agreed food safety requirements of customers.

Implementation of the Food Safety Management System is checked periodically through planned verification and Management reviews with a view to improve the system.

Food Safety System is periodically updated.

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